Prosperity 101™ enhances communication in the workplace and creates awareness regarding public policy issues that affect job creation and job security.

Prosperity 101™ guides people to understand:

  • The Foundations of Prosperity
  • The Policies of Prosperity
  • How to Protect Prosperity

Prosperity 101™ helps people to become:

  • Informed
  • Involved
  • Impactful™

Prosperity 101™ promotes:


  • Civic Awareness
  • Employee Engagement, Loyalty & Retention
  • Personal Responsibility


Are you looking to help your employees understand how public policy issues affect their jobs in a clear, concise and non-partisan manner?

Get our FREE e-book: Ten Tips for Helping Employees Understand How Public Policy Affects Paychecks” and find new ways to effectively communicate on issues that matter to job security and prosperity. This FREE, non-partisan guide is our no-obligation gift to you.


 Prosperity 101™ is the premier provider of free-market educational resources designed for use in businesses across the United States.  Since 2009, we have been working to help employers and employees understand the impact of public policy on job creation and security, and on corporate and personal prosperity.

Prosperity 101™ provides non-partisan resources to help employers educate employees about public policy issues that affect their jobs. Connecting Boardroom to Breakroom™ with unique tools to enhance communication and connection, Prosperity 101™ materials are the perfect catalyst for introducing basic business, economic, and civic principles. Materials are affordable, downloadable, customizable, and can be adapted for use in a variety of businesses as a manager presentation or for independent learning.


Your industry is specialized and your business is unique.  You know the impact legislation, taxation, and regulation can have on your bottom line.

The affordable, easy to use course will encourage employees to become more Informed about public policy issues that affect their jobs.



Employees often have a limited understanding about how much new regulations, higher taxes, or legal and compliance fees, have cost you and how hard you are working for them.

Participants become more Involved in their workplace and in their own personal financial planning.



As an employer, you know first hand how difficult it can be to make payroll when taxes rise, regulations increase, and legislation is passed that hampers your ability to grow. You are on the front–line of defense for our nation’s economy, yet at times you have felt stranded and defenseless on the battlefield.

Prosperity 101™ empowers you and your employees to be more engaged as citizens, and to be Impactful to protect the prosperity of your communities, your company, and your families.



“Employers are uniquely qualified to inform and educate their workforce on government economic policy and legislative initiatives that directly impact job security and opportunity for growth and advancement at our firms. No one knows the businesses better; and no one cares more about our employees. We know them and their families; they trust us. It is our obligation to give them the tools they need to participate in public policy debates as informed citizens.”

-Tim Nerenz, Ph.D.



  • Video Overview - Breakroom Economics
  • Full Content of Employee Modules (12 videos + printed modules)
  • Personalized Facilitator Coaching (1 hour)
  • Breakroom EconomicsFacilitator Guide (optional)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



  • What Happened to the Rest of My Paycheck?”
  • “Will a Higher Minimum Wage Help Me?”
  • “What Happens When We Run Out of Money?”
  • “Protecting Your Prosperity”



  • Employees learn how basic public policy issues affect their jobs and how to protect their jobs by becoming Informed, Involved, and Impactful™.
  • Materials are delivered in a 12-part series of short, downloadable lessons that include:
    • Video & print versions of the Breakroom Economicslessons
    • Copy of the United States Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all Amendments
  • The affordable, easy to use course will encourage employees to become more Informed about public policy issues that affect their jobs, more Involved in their workplace and in their own personal financial planning, and more Impactful on their communities and families.

An investment in education always pays the highest dividends. Investing in the Prosperity 101 - Breakroom Economics™ program will help you, your employees, your company, and your country.

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