Employer Benefits
Prosperity 101™ resources provide employers with a variety of ways to help employees understand the connections between public policy and corporate or personal prosperity. Connecting Boardroom to Breakroom™, our resources help to erase the disconnect that is often present between the two.
Employers who help employees understand issues affecting profitability and prosperity are often delighted to find that their educated employees become more dedicated team members, more enthusiastic about their company and personal job performance, and more involved citizens. In addition, they often share what they learn with friends and family members, increasing the value of the educational efforts.
Employee Benefits
Employees who are exposed to the principles and concepts included in Prosperity 101™ materials are often surprised to learn how public policy affects corporate and personal prosperity and/or job security. Many are unaware of the connections between legislation, taxation, and regulations and how they affect economic growth and development. Many have never been exposed to the founding documents of our country, which have served to protect our free-enterprise system for generations.
Once educated, employees often become more engaged in helping to ensure corporate success for they understand the need for profit margins and long term growth opportunities. They begin to understand how it all affects their kitchen table and family budget, causing them to become more engaged in protecting economic opportunity. An educated employee is more likely to be an active member of the company and the community.