What are others saying about Prosperity 101™ and employee education?
“Building a firm foundation for creating jobs and bringing prosperity to more people is hard work. But in addition to the efforts of entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and average workers, prosperity depends on understanding the basis for its existence: free people, able to make their own decisions in a free market without arbitrary regulation or subsidies that favor the politically connected. If people are uneducated in the principles of free economy, they are unlikely to give it the support needed for it to survive.” – John Fund, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal
“Employers are uniquely qualified to assess the impact of public policy on our businesses. We need to let employees know when pending legislation will directly affect their jobs and families.”  – Tim Nerenz, Ph.D, International Business Executive, Educator, Author, Speaker
“It is the duty as a responsible employer to inform employees of the current and future business climate so they may make the best decisions for their career and their families. Public policy that is not business friendly will be detrimental to job quality and growth unless we voice our concerns and make a difference. Menards saw the need to get economic information directly to our team members. This was done quickly for us through the use of great ‘to-the-point’ presenters and relative reading materials for team members to take home. “ – J.R. Menard, Menard, Inc.